Monday, October 24, 2011

Damn, I love shoujo manga.

Instead of doing my very important English essay, I'm up reading manga and smiling like an idiot and getting and squealy. Gosh, I'm reading Yumemiru Taiyou and it's just got my stomach in knots and making stupid faces because everything is so heartwrenchingly sweet and sad, like "Aww" kind, not "I'M GONNA BAWL MY EYES OUT" type. Ohhhh~ I love a good shoujo manga and that tight, yet fluffy feeling on the inside. (*≧▽≦) !!! If you're a fan of shoujo manga, too, I highly recommend it.

I'm so totally gonna hate myself in the morning.(´;ω;`) Good night all~


  1. I love shoujo too~! They are to sweet!

  2. Oooh! I will read this! :D At first glance I thought it was Bokura Ga Ita!


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