Sunday, October 23, 2011

Testing Halloween makeup and stuff.

Since Halloween is coming up, I've been working on some things for my costume, but mostly make up related. Such as de-potting eyeshadows I don't use and mixing them with lotion and tinted moisturizer to put on my arms and legs to get an aqua colored ting to my skin like how mermaids in my imagination do. I plan to draw scales with my glitter eyeliner, but I'll show it when it gets closer to the date.  (⌒▽⌒)

You may remember these from one of my first few posts. I've actually never worn them. (._.|l)
So I added those lashes I cut off onto them and this is the product. (゚∀゚) I really love these.
A preview of how my make up'll look. I wish the colors were vibrant, but everything is still being tested. I probably need a better eyeshadow base, actually.
 I'm really thinking of curling my wig or make it wavy or something. I still haven't decided on an outfit yet. I'll also be needed to make a shell hair clip or necklace or something. And fins to put over my ears, forearms, and calves.


  1. Wow you look so good! Are you cosplaying?

  2. Not right now, but I hope to use this wig in the future for cosplay. I'll be using it for my mermaid costume for Halloween. :D

  3. Oh wow, that's a great wig! You're going to make such a beautiful mermaid!


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