Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homecoming week + Thrifting [pic heavy]

It was homecoming week at my high school and this would be the first pep rally I've ever attended with Jessica, Macie, and Amy. :D They a lot of good performances, but my favorites were these seniors? group of 5 dancing Miss A's Goodbye Baby with a little LMFAO shuffling [video here] and the dance club's mix [video here] because for whatever reason, they can't be embed. :P
 Jessica and Annie. :3
 After, I went over to Amy's house to finish my Mandarin homework and eat. Kimchee soup with kimchee on the side lolol. I frickin love the soup. C,:

Friday was game day! Also the first game of any sort that I've gone to. I just thought it would be good idea to do some of those all-American high school things before I graduate. Up next is attending a formal event haha. :)
 I went with Jessica and Macie.
 The cheerleaders in black is our's, the blue is the opposing team.
 I sat next to Billy and Dat and they were so frickin excited about everything I don't even watch football and haven't played it since 7th grade so I was like, "WHAT'S GOING ON?" in the first 2 hours lol. (Game was from 5:00pm-10:00pm)
 As you can see it rained a bit during the game and I brought my laptop in case I got bored and so I could catch up on Vampire Diaries lolol.
 On our way home, it started POURING! You can't tell though because I used my umbrella to cover the camera haha. We all got soaked. (・_・) I ended up calling my brother who was near by to pick me up and stayed with him at his friend's house until 11. This really weird fucked up movie called Heavy Metal was on....

Saturday Shelley wanted to go thrifting again to get a denim jacket so I had my brother drive us.
 He had plans with his girlfriend or something so he picked her up along the way and she had MACAROONS!!!! She gave me a mango one (tasted like the real thing, actually o_o) and I got to try the red velvet, and this Japanese citrus fruit. They were soooo good. I really want to pay her back since she told me she never got to try the mango and I ate it all. :C
 So she found it along with a bunch of other stuff like high waisted jeans to turn into shorts, a sheer chiffon shirt, and some other stuff.
This sweater was soooo soft. (* ะด *) but it's too hot to wear it in every season so I didn't get it. :P But I did end up getting black pants to turn into shorts.
And this lovely wig!! They had a large section dedicated to Halloween that was full of unused/never-worn items and when I saw this wig I just had to get! It falls down to my ribs/waist and is a color that reminds me of Hatsune Miku and mermaids lol. Oh my goshhh I really love it so much, my hair has never been that long before. (*≧▽≦)!!! (If you're wondering about the eye patch, the make up on that one wore off a bit and made it look smaller than the other lol.)

It's 2 in the morning, why am I still awake, goodnight!!

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