Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mobile picture post + outfit

 Time for shitty mobiles pics! A couple weeks ago I went to SushiSan with John and Shelley and they're a sushi buffet now. We decided to have a challenge of who can eat the most plates! Who ever ate the least had to get eveyrone's tip. We weren't even done eating yet but when we hit 15 plates we all wanted to die.
 John was such a cheater, he didn't even eat all the rice in each piece. (ノ#-_-)ノ
 In the end, John ate 19, I had 18, and Shelley had 17. Even though she ate the least she felt the most sick out of the three of us lol.
 Literally every time someone wants to go to Marukame, they ask me to go with them or as long as I'm going to Waikiki, I end up eating there with whoever I'm with.
This time we're trying the bukkake udon and it's just udon and sauce which explains the lack of soup.
 We went to the Forever 21 while we were in Waikiki and tried on matching sunglasses and hats I don't even know why lol
 At school, the marine science teacher had an ex-student that was a fisherman I guess and from what I heard this shark got stuck in the net and died so he gave it to her. It's 5'5" which is taller than me and the sight was so cool but gross at the same time.
 Somewhere last week I went with Dianna, Kevin, Chris, John, and Cathy to Yogurstory and had their lovely waffles!! Everything is overpriced considering the amount of food so you're basically paying for the atmosphere.

 Onto my outfit,

My mom got me these oxfords last weekend and I love them, they go with everything but they're leather and hard and although they only gave me blisters the first day but bruised my ankle or heel or something.


  1. Wow your shoes are so cute! Haha, so many plates!

    1. Thanks! They were only $11 O__O And I was so full I could hardly walk! Haha never doing that again. xD

  2. The leather brogues are gorgeous, hope you can break them in soon =D

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

    1. Thank you, I didn't know they had another name :D

  3. those oxfords are soo cute! i've been eyeing one like that for a long time ^_^

    now following you :)
    stop by my blog if you have the time ^_^

    1. Thanks for following! I love your stuff. :3


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