Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going-away/Birthday Party

Busyy first free week of summer. Started it off with watching Bad Teacher and having the 3 tallest people in the group get the tickets since it was rated R LOL. = v =  Then Archer's going away to college party/Aly & Cassy's birthday party! It was very otaku to be honest LOL. Archer insisted we cosplay casually so Amy did Matryoshka Len and I did I-Pin from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
 I did my make up lightly and rubbed out some red lipstick on the corner of my eyes since I don't have red eyeshadow. This one taken from Amy's blog.
 These others were taken from Irene. As you can see she documented me and Amy's rolling race. We got SO dizzy she couldn't even crawl straight and I got nauseous. :,D
 My panda mobile, Macie ♥ So fitting since I'm cosplaying a Chinese character. :D
 Us petting pyramid head like he's a goat at the petting zoo. :3
We played Ninja again, and the guys that took judo tumbled, barrel rolled, and pinning people everywhere. They won several times. .__. I was able to keep myself in the game by putting them near areas that would be morally wrong to get near. 8D

Also, finished You're/He's Beautiful. Reaaaaaaaaaallllyyyyyyyyyyy love Jeremy & Shinwoo ♥ My brother's girlfriend brought over Baby and Me which was also pretty hillarious. :,D I've been watching ABC Family's Nine Live of Chloe King and the acting and dialogue IS SO FRICKIN AWFUL!!!!! I don't even know why I'm still watching it. .__.

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