Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last Weekend :x

Thanks again Amy for the pictures. ♥ Busy weekend so I hardly had time to finish my summer school math homework and failed the test. .__. Dropped from an A to a C (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Eh. I'm still getting the Geometry credit anywayz. 8D Briefly; we went to an obon festival with friends we met at KawaiiKon. I didn't want to take too much pictures from Amy so I just took a couple I was in. I'll have to bring my old digital camera now for my outings. .__.

Obon Festival! I made a short yukata lol. For me and Amy. We worked on it from Friday to Saturday barely sleeping. In an awkward yakuza position. It was frickin' cold by barely sunset. I really wish I'd brought a jacket or someting. Had some tasty saimin and andagi while I was there. P:

 On our way home we passed by a deserted area and Amy really wanted to take some pictures lol. Me trying to look cool since she was taking a black and white picture.
 Oh, and the place was crowded with people. There were like 8 lines for food and they were all packed. @__@


Here I am waiting for the longest time in Miye's lobby. (Nice ass place though.)
 Trying to fix the Nerf gun Anthony brought. Felt pretty cool. 8oSooo; Agreed to meet at Miye's place at 1 but everyone got there at like 2:30. .______. Dat, SungJin, and Billy were getting pestered by these elementary Japanese girls who I think had a crush on Dat and SungJin because they refused to leave them alone and did things like try to push his sasquatch-ness into the pool. Funny since they were all pint sized and he didn't even budge with all 3 of their strengths. xD A little annoying because they would come by the jacuzzi if the guys were there and accidentally squirt the rest of us with their water guns. This summer has been surprisingly cold and there was some drizzle so the girls stayed in the jacuzzi. :3 Had lunch which was tough teriyaki kalbi, and pizza. Hit the sauna room with a Cosmopolitan quiz book. The boy's and girl's saunas were split up but, the guys were too scared of the dude in the guy's one so they all hit up the girls' lololol. It was packed with 8 people so Miye kicked the guys out. (4 boys, 4 girls)

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