Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beach Party

All these pictures are from Amy ♥ Thanks for letting me take these.

So it was Macie's birthday party and I had sooo much fun not even one dull moment. Maybe there was too much to do hahaha. My legs are really tired and my back's a little sunburned. =__=;; WHAT IS SPF 100+ DOING IF NOT PROTECTING ME FROM THIS? I wouldn't mind tanning much if the tan lines weren't so freakin' hideous. .__.
I barfed a couple minutes after this because of my Chinatown break fast. Not eating from that one place again. .__.
We are so mature, we made Tawny a mermaid with a huge penis. I think it got knocked down in this one because the lady 3-5 feet away from of was giving us one hell of a stink eye. AHAHAHAAA. I got soaked shortly after this. I didn't have a change of clothes either. Goddamnit Tristan. .__.
 Donut eating contest we had :D I would've won if I could whistle properly! SCREW YOU SUNGJIN.
I was giving Daniel the super strength powers of a six-pack.
Tristan and Daniel trying to get the coconut husk off.
They peeled like one of two and failed so I was like, "MOVE ASIDE BITCHES."
Me by  myself going to town and that shat. No seriously, I'm really proud of myself. People usually think I'm that scrawny girl who is too weak and fragile and I frickin' peeled the rest of that thing all by myself. C:
Playing 'ninja' (Vivian's idea) anyway it includes funny poses like this ahaha.
It has always been a dream to be part of a human pyramid. * A * Especially on top! BWAHAHAHAA. One of the good things about being so light. Tristan's hand looks like he's touching that girl's ass LOL. He was actually helping me up there.
Before Sungjin left, he got hugs from girls LOL. I asked for a piggy-back ride. He spun me around like crazy so I hung on for dear life and choked him. AHAHAHAAA. It felt good to be 6 feet tall. He's 6'2" with stubble; holy crap can you believe he's FRESHMAN?

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