Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 more days until Christmas!

I like how the older I get, the less gifts there are for me, but more Christmas money! \($ Д $ )/ !! I've only gotten 4 presents and those were from my friends who know me much better than my relatives do. Going to be ordering lenses soon, so I'm excited for that. (^x^*) I went to Waikiki the other day and the Forever 21 there finally opened!!! It's three stories and I was soooo freakin' excited. I kept finding new rooms/corners, and it was just SO BIG! Needless, to say, I got 2 shirts from there.

I thought this caption was really sweet. :)
 A couple days ago, I made a parfait with my friend Amy. Blueberries and kiwi with vanilla yogurt. P:

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