Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break

Eeeeeh. Things have been pretty hectic. I was hoping for a lot of relaxing days but, before the 2nd day of my spring break, everyday of the one week off I have has been filled. (#-Д-) Not only do I have SAT prep classes 1:00-3:00 Mon-Fri, but our junior prom is on Friday (not to mention the dance practice I've had to attend because I'm in the committee due to the lack of entertainment!) and KawaiiKon is Friday-Sunday and I just finished one out of the three cosplays I am working on for other people. (Who I can only give a day for each one) I'll be doing casual Peter White on Friday, and depending on what day the group photoshoot schedule is, (Y)uni and Rin on the other days. :x I don't even know if I'll find time to finish my homework over the break. ╥~╥

I've been really liking the Taiwanese drama of the manga Skip-Beat that Jennifer reccommended to me and it's been really helping me with my Mandarin as well. :)

I've also been watching Dream High 2 though the plot was kinda slow to me. :/
here is an outfit post o:


  1. I have been wanting to watch dramas too! : D But they are so addicting so I am scared to watch it! : D I love your nice outfit!

    1. Yeah, I kind of regret watching them because I've been slacking on my homework. :,D And thank youu~

  2. Wow! Taiwanese drama I like it most. Its a relaxing time for the students.And now I am happy that spring breaks started. I am really fed up from homework. And at last i like hot pant outfit great!!!!!!!
    Sat Prep Course


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